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Best Diminished Value Appraisal Specialists


As you drive home after a stressful day of work, you find yourself the victim of a minor fender bender at a busy intersection. And while nothing major got damaged and you aren’t injured, you still feel it was severe enough to file an insurance claim.

However, what will your insurance company cover, and how much? These answers and more all get determined through appraising your assets for their diminished value amount.

When you need accurate diminished value appraisal offered at affordable pricing, you need CK Appraisals to ensure you receive the most from your claims. We provide nothing but the best in auto appraisal, as well as fast response times and reliable experts.

Whether you may have an insurance total loss of your vehicles or they remain in relatively good condition, we always provide you with the most accurate assessment possible for more insurance claims. Before you contact your car’s policyholder, make sure you choose us for you Diminished value claim needs today.

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I wanted to write and thank you again for your help in assisting my diminished value claim. Thanks for your advice and your independent appraisal. The insurance company originally offered me $2,200.00. With your report and expert work on this, I received a check today for $6,750.00, all without having to go to court or arbitration. I couldn’t be happier with all the help you provided. Money well-spent.


Diminished Value Claim Across NC, SC, TN, GA, and VA

Receiving what your insurance company owes you and walking away with nothing often comes down to hiring the right diminished value appraisals. Even though your claims process sends out an insurance appraiser, they are not working in your favor.

When the insurance companies conduct a vehicle appraisal, they now hold all the cards. By having only one evaluation performed, they now tell you what you’ll receive, and you have next to no say in the matter, even if it doesn’t come near the amount that it should.

Instead, we offer the same level of care and dedication to your assets to ensure that you get back as much as possible on every claim. Contact us for your most accurate auto values with:

  • Motorcycle Values
  • Classic Car Values
  • Old Car Values
  • Recreational Vehicle Appraisals
  • Boats & Watercraft Values
  • Late Model Inspections
  • Resale Value Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Charitable Donation Appraisals
  • Commercial Vehicle Value Inspections
  • Total Loss Claims
  • Expert Court Witness Testimony
  • And more diminished value appraisals across the states

Before you contact your insurance claims provider, you must have us provide you with an accurate appraisal. Contact us today for your fast and precise inspections for any vehicles.

How Much Is My Car Worth?


Some vehicle owners may misunderstand what a diminished value represents. Many may confuse what we find with the car’s Kelley Blue Book amount, or an equal way to measure what price it could get sold.

Your vehicle’s diminished value amount reflects how much loss a car has incurred before getting repaired. The reason why is that, if you were to sell it completely restored, you would not receive the same cash amount if it were in perfect condition.

No one would pay more for a vehicle that had gotten restored following an accident or another damaging event, and your appraisal lets you know what amount of value has gotten lost. And whatever value is no longer available to you is what insurance companies should compensate you.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are only looking out for their best interests, and they’ll do whatever they can to avoid paying you what you remain owed. When you need the best defense possible against auto insurance corporations, you need our experienced appraisers on your side today.

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Everything You Need in Diminished Value Services

Car Appraisal Near Me

When you hire us to perform your diminished value claims, we thoroughly inspect, diagnose, and research all aspects of your vehicles, their worth before damages, as well as final repair documentation. We thoroughly investigate everything, with high-resolution vehicle photos, professional damage descriptions, and written reports reflecting our findings.

All of our inspections remain fully compliant with all Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to ensure you receive the most in-depth examinations possible. While we can’t guarantee that your insurance company will compensate you what your vehicles remain worth, we can provide you with the best tools possible to make your claim.

Our team calculates the value of your cars, boats, motorcycles, and more, to reflect what it’s worth before, during, and after repairs. That way, there is never any doubt as to what you have lost due to traffic accidents, storm damages, and other typical sources of harm.

When you need to know that you’ve hired the best in local car appraisal services, you won’t find a more qualified group than our staff. Know what your insurance company should compensate you for your loss with the best in local appraisal services today.

Expert Court Witness Testimonies

Sometimes, other drivers or their insurance companies may claim that you were the one at fault during an accident, even when you know that you weren’t. However, when it’s your word against theirs, you likely are going to have to go to court to get matters settled.

Unfortunately, when going against insurance companies, they have the best lawyers that money can buy. How can you hope to plead your case without some form of defense?

As expert diminished claims appraisers, we offer our skills and dedication in a court of law to carefully explain your side of the argument, as well as what we found while examining your assets. While we cannot help argue your case, an expert witness testimony often means the difference between the court ruling against you and siding with your defense.

For over 20 years, we’ve offered our expertise to numerous disputes in a court of law. When you know that you’re in the right, we can help show the judge why they should rule in your favor now.

Appraise My Car

When insurance corporations decide that they won’t compensate you for your losses, it can quickly prove devastating. The only way to protect yourself from lost recovery payments is through an expert diminished value appraisal provider.

While you may have options in local vehicle appraisals, you won’t find a better quality of service than with our team. When you need to know that your damaged cars get inspected by the best appraisers around, you need CK Appraisals today.

Having Satisfied Clients is Not Unusual for Us, it is the Norm:

I wanted to let you and your staff know how great Chris at CK Appraisals is.  I had a terrible time with the insurance company.  However, all I had to do was call Chris and he was on the phone immediately with them and dealt with the problem.
It took several months, but Chris finally got the insurance company to understand NC law and remit an acceptable amount.
Thanks again for recommending Chris, and be sure to give his name to everybody in the future who needs this type of help.
Nancy S.

The insurance company, Geico, offered me $1000 settlement. After Chris gave his expert testimony, the judge awarded me $8900! Thank you, Chris!

Ken L.

Chris: Thanks for your excellent work on this one – Plaintiff’s counsel rejected our initial settlement offer, then read your report, and decided to accept our initial offer after all.

Liz F

I wanted to write and thank you again for your help in assisting my diminished value claim. Thanks for your advice and your independent appraisal. The insurance company originally offered me $2,200.00. With your report and expert work on this, I received a check today for $6,750.00, all without having to go to court or arbitrationI couldn’t be happier with all the help you provided. Money well-spent.

Have a wonderful weekend,


We received the check for $2300 from Penn National which was so much better than the $475 offered originally.  This took a little more time but was very much worth it.  Thank you.

John S and family

Many thanks for this Chris. He came back with an offer of $2000 – which I accepted.
Very much appreciate your support in this.