Some people remain disillusioned that they are terrible drivers, while others relish in how badly they don’t understand society on the road. And while some driver infractions stay worse than others, you happen to see the same riskier behaviors occur than others.

Read on to discover if your friends have been lying to you about your driving skills. Below are just a few horrible things people do when driving that remain unnecessarily dangerous.

things people do when driving - apply makeup

Apply Makeup

Maybe you’re running late, or you’ve done this so many times you’ve forgotten how to put makeup on while stationary. However, not only will the driver behind you laugh, but you’re not paying near enough attention to where your car is going, or how fast.



It’s a busy day, you have places to be, and you’re hungry enough to go through a drive-through window and eat on the way. People tend to eat anything in their car, from dripping ice cream cones to bowls of cereal and milk, and none of them are simple to enjoy while driving.


Talk on the Phone

Phones are so distracting that many cities continue passing ordinances making it illegal to do so while behind the wheel. That is especially true of those drivers who slow to a crawl to focus on their conversations, causing a traffic jam to form behind them.

things people do when driving - talk on phone


Texting while driving remains one of the most fatal, and easily avoidable hazards a driver can do in traffic. Many experts agree that texting on your phone while driving is about as unsafe as operating a vehicle while intoxicated.


Drive Too Slow

For whatever reason, people forget that the left lane is the designated passing lane, restricting its use to those going at least the speed limit. In general, no driver should go below 20 miles per hour under the posted limit, and certainly not in the left lane.


Not Properly Merging

Believe it or not, that other driver isn’t cutting you off but merging. In case anyone needs a refresher, one car from one lane goes, and then another until everyone safely crosses together.



Riding someone’s bumper is a great way to cause a collision, frustrate other drivers around you, and generally put others at risk. Even if you remain justified in wanting to go the speed limit, you can’t cause them harm over your impatience.