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CK Appraisals prepares several types of appraisals for all types of motor vehicles; including but not limited to trucks, boats, motorcycles, and heavy equipment (examples: tractor trailers, school buses, farm equipment, and campers).

Material Damage Appraisals (also referred to Auto Damage):  These appraisals are requested after your vehicle has suffered damage either from an accident, wreck or other incidents.  We come to your vehicle.  Your home, place of work, the collision center, or any other place at your convenience.  We take photographs of your vehicle, appraise the damage and prepare an appraisal within forty-eight (48) hours of examining your vehicle.

Appraisals after Customization: These appraisals are requested after you have customized your vehicle (an example would be a Classic Car) and your insurance company requires an appraisal so they know how much insurance to cover the additions you have made to your vehicle.

The above appraisals are offered in the Eastern North Carolina area.  Please click our North Carolina coverage map for damage appraisals and appraisals after customization.

Diminished (diminution) Value:  These appraisals are requested to show the reduction in your vehicle’s ‘market ‘value’ occurring after a vehicle has suffered damage due to an accident or other incidents.  The appraisals are offered in the entire States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and most Southeast Region States. For more detailed information go to our Diminished Value page.