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Charitable Donation Appraisals

Charitable donation appraisals protect you. Whether you own a classic collectible vehicle or a standard consumer car, one of the noblest ways to dispose of your model is to donate it to a local charity group. From non-profits that care for children or a religious center needs a vehicle, it’s often a great way to offload a car you don’t need any longer.

When it comes time to report your donation to the Internal Revenue Service, however, you might find that you’re at a loss concerning what the value is for the vehicle. How can you know what to deduct from your taxes, as well as help reduce the risks of an IRS audit?

The only way to guard your donation and write off is to go into the process with the accurate value in mind. Before you give your vehicle away, make sure that CK Appraisals reviews it first.

Not only will we deliver you with the most accurate valuation possible, but you might discover more of a write off than you would have received. Contact us today for your future donated vehicle and know the value of your cars.


Why Donation Appraisals?Charitable Donation Appraisal

At first, appraising a vehicle that you won’t own for much longer doesn’t seem like a necessary step. However, without having the right idea about the value, you may be robbing yourself of a higher deduction amount.

Even if your intentions for donation are only noble, we want to give you our expert opinion. We feel that everyone deserves to know the actual amount that their cars are worth.

If you base your IRS documentation on a quick Internet search, you likely aren’t going to find the real amount. They may determine that you’re intentionally lying, or that you’re up to no good.

Instead, our team helps protect more vehicle owners from undervalued sales and more accurate car donations. Make sure that your charity of choice is getting the best donation possible by allowing us to review your vehicles.


Keep on the Right Side of the Law

Donating a used vehicle to a charity is surprisingly tricky. There are specific rules and regulations, and you may unknowingly break the law if you don’t do it correctly.

In fact, in some situations, you may discover that the better course of action is to sell the vehicle and donate the proceeds. Most people find that method to remain the most accurate, as well as the safest way to report the process to the IRS.

Improper donations could potentially cause a ton of issues for you, and even the charity you’re trying to help. The last thing that you need is for an excellent gesture to cause significant legal problems.

Protect yourself and your favorite charity from liability and allow us to inspect your cars and give you the best charitable donation appraisal. We’ll make sure that everyone knows the real value of your donation.


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Don’t go into your vehicle donation blind. Instead, CK Appraisals fills you in on the complete worth of your car.

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