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Insurance Total Loss


Your friend may have posted a photo recently of their car after an auto accident, and while it doesn’t seem to remain destroyed, they claim in their update that the vehicle is totaled. What many drivers don’t understand is that a totaled car isn’t always one that can no longer get repaired. So, what is an insurance total loss?

The term “totaled” came from the phrase “insurance total loss”, or that the cost to repair your car isn’t worth them covering costs. When repair fees outweigh what it’s currently worth, they just aren’t going to bother paying to fix it.

CK Appraisals is your best defense when insurance companies want to write your vehicle off. While they may still compensate you what your car was worth before damages, it won’t be near enough to get your life back on schedule.

The only way to guarantee the fairest amount possible is by having an expert appraiser arguing your side and negotiating higher payments. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself at risk for receiving little to nothing back for your vehicles.


When Can Companies Claim Total Loss?


The unfortunate truth of your situation is that most insurance companies can claim that your car is a total loss at any time. Even if they want to punish you for being a “difficult” customer, they can decide that you’re not worth the hassle.

However, that also means that you are now without an operational car and that you now have nothing to show for it. Considering how much you pay into your insurance policy every month, we believe that isn’t right.

Even after they send their claims adjuster to your home, or if they say that the damages are fixable, that doesn’t mean that they will agree to cover costs. Or, if they do decide to offer some compensation, it won’t be enough to make a difference in your situation.

It is only through a certified and experienced appraisal that you can best fight back against companies wanting to be cheap. When you know that you should receive something for your troubles, we make it as simple as possible to argue your details.


Can I Make a Claim by Myself?


While you don’t necessarily need us to help make your claim successful, it certainly helps to have a professional assisting you. Otherwise, you’re going to make an uphill customer service battle, and they hold all of the cards.

All they need to do to justify avoiding your compensation is recording you losing your temper on the phone with their employees. Once you start slinging insults and curse words, you can all but guarantee your vehicle is now considered a total loss.

Instead, we use expert documentation and hard facts to negotiate your covered costs to remain as high as possible. Attempting to argue by yourself will barely see any increase at all.

You wouldn’t head to court without legal defense, so why plead your insurance case without a certified appraiser defending you? Contact us today and make the most of your total loss claims now.


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Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with insurance companies, as well as fighting hard for fair compensation for most drivers. When you need the best in insurance total loss assistance, you need CK Appraisals working hard for you.

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