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Where else but Tennessee can you discover live music on every street corner, historic sites, and the Great Smokey Mountains? It seems as if every day has something new to offer everyone who passes through.

However, when your vehicle gets damaged during your stay, do you know who to turn to for the best in diminished value appraisal? More drivers wind up settling for policyholders deeming their cars an Insurance Total Loss, even following minor mechanical damages.

Instead, CK Appraisals remains the trusted name in diminished value inspections, helping more people throughout the community to receive what insurance companies owe them. Whether you were the person liable or the other party’s insurance company is giving you the runaround, we can best assist you with all your auto appraisal needs.

Before you submit your diminished value claim, make sure that you know what amount stays owed to you. Call us today for your best choice in experienced and affordable diminished value appraisals now.

Diminished Value Claim TN

Our team prides ourselves on offering the most convenient vehicle appraisal services throughout the state. No matter where you have damaged vehicles, our expert inspectors always maximize your claims.

For over 20 years of determining auto values for more concerned drivers, we can best assist you with any cars you operate. From farming equipment to classic muscle cars, we can appraise them all quickly.

No matter where you live, we guarantee faster responses and accurate reporting for any vehicle. Contact us today to appraise your damaged cars throughout:

  • Nashville
  • Franklin
  • Murfreesboro
  • Cookeville
  • Clarksville
  • Jackson
  • Knoxville
  • Pigeon Forge
  • Memphis
  • Chattanooga
  • Franklin
  • Lexington
  • And more cities throughout Tennessee.

Why should you continue to rely exclusively on what the insurance appraiser determines your vehicles remain worth? Choose us now for your fastest, most accurate appraisals possible every day.


TN Diminished Value


When most drivers ask us “how much is my car worth?”, they often think that we are determining a sales price for them. Unfortunately, a diminished value claim represents what your vehicle could have been worth, had it not required extensive repair services.

The insurance company then cuts you a check for the lost valuation, making up the difference following your accident. However, they will only pay what they deem necessary, and without an experienced appraiser on your side, you aren’t getting everything owed to you.

Choosing us means receiving the best defense possible against big corporations trying to escape their financial responsibility to you. We can best assist you with any vehicles you operate, including:

  • Motorcycle Values
  • Classic Car Values
  • Old Car Values
  • Late Model Vehicles
  • Resale Valuation Inspections
  • Pre-Sale Value Determination
  • Vehicle Donation Appraisal
  • Commercial Vehicle Value Inspections
  • Boat Values
  • Recreational Vehicles & Campers
  • Agriculture & Heavy Equipment
  • Expert Court Witness Testimonies
  • And more vehicle valuation appraisals.

If you’re tired of searching online for someone to “appraise my car”, you won’t find a more qualified service provider than us. Contact us today for your accurate vehicle appraisals anywhere in the state.


Car Appraisal Near Me


When another driver is the one responsible for damages to your vehicle, it means that it’s you having to go toe to toe with their insurance company. You might think that your policyholders will be there to help guide you through the process, but they say that they don’t need to get involved.

Once you begin losing your temper with the other company, they’ll just as soon write your car off as having gotten totaled. That means that you aren’t going to receive a cent in lost valuation, and now you have a car that doesn’t run any longer.

Instead, we bring more than two decades worth of experience to every vehicle you need us to inspect. We review everything and thoroughly document it with official reporting standards and color photos.

We act as your personal insurance appraisal team, making sure that policyholders don’t escape having to compensate you. When you can’t afford to forego payments for your troubles, let our experienced appraisers fight for you.


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Unless you know for sure what your car is worth after damages, you remain at the mercy of insurance companies protecting their drivers, as well as their assets. Make sure you prepare yourself by choosing accurate appraisals and negotiations by hiring us for your vehicles.

Policyholders don’t want you to know that you can get more compensation by choosing us to inspect your cars. Contact us at CK Appraisals today and receive what your vehicles are worth.

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