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Whether you love a day at the beach, a trip to the nation’s capital, or spend your free time hiking and mountain climbing, it seems as if living in Virginia offers everything that you need.

However, what happens when you need an auto appraisal following an accident out on the road? If you rely on what insurance companies state as your car’s diminished value appraisal, you aren’t receiving everything that your vehicle currently remains worth.

That is why more area drivers turn to CK Appraisals for the best in diminished value inspections and reporting. Whether insurance companies claim that your car is now an Insurance Total Loss case, or you know that you should receive higher compensation, we assist more residents every day.

When you need an accurate diminished value claim by an expert vehicle appraiser, you won’t find a better solution than hiring us. Call today for your best vehicle appraisal solutions for any cars you have.


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When you need a local diminished value VA appraiser, it isn’t always clear who you should turn to for help. As a result, you stay at the mercy of whatever amount the insurance appraiser comes up with, even if that value is zero.

Instead, our firm provides the most convenient and affordable diminished value appraisals throughout the state, assisting more area drivers with the professional valuations that they deserve. We always offer accurate auto values to maximize your compensation, making sure that you receive what you remain owed.

When you need an expert diminished value claim, VA drivers know that we stay the trusted choice every day. Contact us for your vehicle appraisals throughout the state, including:

  • Richmond
  • Charlottesville
  • Roanoke
  • Blacksburg
  • Harrisonburg
  • Norfolk
  • Lexington
  • Lynchburg
  • Petersburg
  • Waynesboro
  • Fishersville
  • Staunton
  • And more Virginia communities.

You don’t have to settle for getting only a fraction of what your lost valuation is when you choose the best appraisers around for any vehicles. Contact us and receive what the insurance companies owe you today.


How Much Is My Car Worth?


Another reason why more drivers don’t have a professional vehicle valuation performed on their car is that they can’t find a service provider for their specific vehicle type. When the appraisers in your area only handle standard passenger cars, it can remain challenging to find the answers you need the most.

As your best choice in expert valuation appraisers, we can inspect and document more types of vehicles than anyone else around. If it has a steering wheel and an engine, we can determine what value it has lost following damages.

Why rely on what the insurance companies determine you should get owed when we can best represent you each time? Our vehicle inspectors return the most valuation for any cars you operate, including:

  • Old Car Values
  • Motorcycle Values
  • Classic Car Values
  • Boat Appraisals
  • Camper Vehicles & RVs
  • Commercial Vehicle Appraisal
  • Agricultural/Farming Equipment
  • Late Model Cars
  • Vehicle Donation Appraisal
  • Car Resale Valuation
  • Vehicle Presale Inspections
  • Expert Court Witness Testimonies
  • And more vehicle appraisal service solutions.

Whatever you need to ensure that you receive fair compensation from insurance companies, our staff always knows what your cars are worth. When you can’t leave your valuation to chance, you need our expert appraisers working hard for you.


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Your diminished value appraisal is not a determination of the resale value of your car. Instead, it determines what amount of worth had gotten lost after damages and repairs.

After subtracting the overall worth of a good condition vehicle from the amount lost, we determine what the insurance companies owe you. However, if you try and work with them by yourself, you remain in an uphill battle.

Unfortunately, what most drivers don’t realize is that they can flag your car as an insurance total loss, or “totaled” for any reason that they choose. Even if it’s in relatively safe shape, they can use this loophole for any “difficult” customer that they encounter.

Choosing us to represent you gives you an opportunity to have a certified appraiser negotiating on your behalf. Before you accept a reduced sum than what they owe you, let us submit your best vehicle appraisals.


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When you know that your vehicle lost more value than what policyholders determine, you need the best in diminished value appraisers for your car. Contact us for your best chance at recouping more of your vehicles’ lost valuations.

Whatever cars you drive, CK Appraisals remains the best in car appraisals throughout Virginia.

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