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Claim Assistance


CK Appraisals offers you the claim assistance you need. When damages occur to your vehicle, you typically contact your insurance company to file a claim. If another driver, however, was the one to harm your car, then you must submit a claim against their policyholder.

Unfortunately, that is where the process gets tricky because neither the driver nor their insurance provider wants to remain at fault. And unless you can prove that your vehicle has lost its value due to damage, you won’t receive fair compensation.

Part of what makes CK Appraisals the best in diminished value claims is that we make the process as smooth as it can be for your situation. Not only will we determine what you should get owed, but we also assist you in filling out the paperwork as well.

Your claims process can quickly prove complicated, especially when it involves a third party and their insurance company as well. Ensure that you have the best claim support possible on your side by hiring our appraisers today.


Diminished Value Claims


To try and recoup your vehicle’s lost valuation, you must meet specific requirements. At a minimum, you must prove that there was a diminished value, in dollars, that occurred, as well as you have an event where the insurance company should be compensating you based on their policy.

Unfortunately, that does mean that if there wasn’t much value to begin with, you might not receive anything at all. However, all too often, the insurance providers try and avoid compensating you anything for your lost car valuations.

Many corporations will use every loophole and trick up their sleeve to avoid covering the costs, and even more so if their policy is covering a different driver who might be at fault. The best defense you can have is getting an expert diminished value appraiser to document your losses.

The policyholders are not going to make it easy to receive fair compensation for your vehicles, and without an experienced appraiser on your side, you won’t have much of an argument. Contact us, and we can best assist you in filing your claim, as well as determining what you should receive today.


What Do Claims Include?


While it may be possible for you to file a claim by yourself, it stays recommended that you choose a certified appraisal expert for help. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of insurance companies not taking your request seriously, or making a simple mistake that could cost you thousands.

Your claim must include a completed evaluation, as well as any forms they require. Because you are likely dealing with a company other than your own, you might feel unfamiliar with their requirements.

We include full documentation of our findings, as well as images of your dents, broken items, and completed repairs. By showing what got fixed, the repair costs and fees, and what your vehicle currently appraises at, we can best prove that your car lost value.

Why should you try and take on the big guys without an experienced professional on your side? Make sure that you complete your claims correctly by choosing us for assistance now.


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