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Late Model Inspections

Although many consumers find the vehicle purchase process complex, it gets more confusing when discussing the values of late model cars. And although we all believe that we’re supposed to just pay the sticker price, you’re likely handing over more cash than you should. Late model inspections by CK Appraisals assist you by ensuring that you pay what you should be paying.

Even if you think you’ve successfully negotiated a reduced purchase price, the dealerships have already overinflated its initial asking amount. Attempting to haggle the cost down by yourself will only lead to you spending more than the vehicle is worth.

Instead, CK Appraisals remains the best in NC, SC, TN, GA, and VA as the pre-purchase inspection experts. We thoroughly inspect your next potential purchase, discovering what you should spend and what it’s actual current value is today.

Any late model car purchased without calling us first means you’re paying more every time. Instead, we want to help as many area drivers as possible succeed at lower payments and increased purchase satisfaction.

Know Before You Buy

Most consumers only arrive at a dealership and take what they can get, even if they know that they aren’t receiving the best deal. Your typical car buying experience is designed to keep you anxious about leaving, as well as to corner you with above value pricing.

What dealerships or car sellers don’t mention is that you can have an independent late model inspection performed before you agree to a sale. Not only will this aid you in the amount you must spend, but it can protect you from future mechanical issues.

Although we all believe that our next purchase won’t wind up becoming a lemon, how many times have recent vehicle purchases become plagued with issues? That is because the car had already suffered through a traffic accident or other significant event, and it likely wasn’t fully corrected.

Don’t allow the hidden past of your new car to come back and haunt you. Instead, let our experienced vehicle appraisers assist you in making the right buying decision every day.

Late Model Inspections NCLate Model appraisals

Late model vehicles are cars that recently were manufactured. That may mean that they are this year’s latest models, or that they are still newer than most other available options.

As a car buyer, you may believe that late model vehicles should remain safe to buy without a pre-purchase inspection. However, even the newest car might be hiding mechanical issues, recent accidents, and other common problems.

Although a dealership will inspect vehicles for their benefit, it isn’t always to the highest standards. More often than not, as long as it can run well enough to change ownership, that is as far as they will take their inspections.

Choosing us, however, means receiving superior buyer protection. If a car seller doesn’t agree to allow us to review your upcoming purchase, they likely aren’t the right dealership for you.

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When you choose CK Appraisals for your late model purchases, it means getting the best defense possible against higher pricing. Choose us for your pre-purchase inspections today and save more on your newer cars.

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