While there are many unsafe behaviors that someone can adopt out on the road, driving tired, distracted, or impaired remains the most fatal. However, some people may believe that missing a few hours of sleep is not as dangerous, say, as driving drunk.

Below are some findings which may surprise you. It might be enough to convince you to change your driving habits.

Driving Tired, Distracted, or Impaired

Driving Tired

Drowsy drivers have been found to account for at least one in every six traffic accidents by AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety. However, most studies show that not only are tired drivers tied with impaired ones for dangerous travels, but your skills behind the wheel suffer even more without proper amounts of sleep.

Because it isn’t illegal to drive sleep deprived, most people don’t think it’s any big deal. Unfortunately, they learn the hard way once their eyes closed, and their feet push the pedal to the floor.


Distracted Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving resulted in 3,450 traffic fatalities in 2016 alone. Driver distractions can be as brief as glancing over at the radio, to several seconds of staring at their phones while texting.

It just takes a few seconds for you not to notice whatever currently crossed your path. Whether it’s an animal, a pedestrian, or another vehicle, you won’t see them until it’s too late.

impaired driving

Impaired Driving

As liquor and drugs laws have changed over the years, it has become alarming at how many people continue driving impaired. Drivers under the influence of any number of substances account for more than half of all traffic accidents.

While in the past alcohol was the most frequently abused substance by drivers, today there are many more items available. Legal and illegal drugs, prescription medication, and even diet supplements can cause you to become lightheaded, distracted, and dangerous.


Which is Worst?

Although all are potentially deadly, impaired driving remains the worst. However, it remains critical to note that the NHTSA does include experiencing a medical emergency while driving as an impairment, which may skew some of the results for studies conducted in the past.

Some cases got recorded as impaired driving, which also included sleepiness and distractions. No matter what the reason why there is no denying that all three drivers have no business being out on the road.