No one enjoys going to a mechanic shop for maintenance. In most situations, it’s next to impossible to save money on car repairs, even with a mailer coupon or discount code.

Before you agree to costly service items you don’t need, there are a few ways that you can reduce your maintenance expenses. Below are some helpful tips to save you more at the repair garage.


Go for Additional Repairs When Necessary

It seems as if each time you go in for an oil change, your mechanic informs you of something else that should get addressed. However, unless it’s necessary, you can likely skip it.

Unless their findings present an immediate risk, it can wait. However, if something like mechanical fluids is looking rough, you might want to go for the extra maintenance.


Use Nationally Franchised Mechanic Shops

Having a locally owned mechanic shop is nice, but they don’t always act ethically. A national franchise, on the other hand, has additional checks and balances.

You’ll probably pay more upfront, but you’ll receive more qualified mechanics and reduce unnecessary repair suggestions. Plus, the quality of repairs will likely last longer.

save money on car repairs

Choose the Lifetime Warranties

If your local mechanic offers a lifetime service agreement for wheel alignments, oil changes, or other common repairs, you may want to go for the added expense. These items often get sold for about two of the same repair service, but it lasts for years.


Read Your Manual

Many drivers forget to look in their glovebox to see what repairs their manufacturer recommends. By deferring to that schedule first, you can avoid pushy mechanics selling maintenance you don’t need.

Each vehicle has a clear chart that describes what repairs they need and when. By following this guide, you can better map out your potential costs.


Get a Second Opinion

You can think of going to the mechanic as visiting a doctor’s office for your car. And much like with medical advice, you can likely obtain a second opinion before agreeing to expensive procedures.

Unless it’s a situation where your vehicle can no longer operate, call around. And if your current mechanic protests too much, it’s likely because they know that they’re trying to scam you.