Sooner or later, you’re likely going to find yourself in a fender bender or other collision out on the road. However, most drivers remain unaware of how to handle a car accident.

Continue reading for some useful advice on what to do when you get caught in an accident. They may make the difference between getting covered and paying everything out of pocket.


Move Vehicles to a Safe Spot

If the accident was minor, and your cars remain operational, simply move them over off of the main driving path. Although that may mean sitting on a shoulder or along highways, it’s still safer than parking on the pavement.

When you can’t get your vehicle out of the way of traffic, call a tow service immediately. The more you obstruct traffic, the more impatient you will make other drivers.

Handle a Car Accident

Don’t Admit Fault Yet

Even if it was entirely your fault, you shouldn’t admit to anything right out of the gate. Until your insurance companies can sort out the details, you don’t want to become liable for all damages accidentally.

You may remain at fault, but drivers will take that premature admission to make you responsible for it all. Insurance companies may determine that it wasn’t exclusively you to blame, but you’ve already waived that fact.


Always Get Insurance Information

Some drivers ignore this step because they think it’s just a small fender bender that won’t take much to fix. It isn’t until a mechanic explains how bad the damage remains that you wish you took their information.

Take down their personal details, as well as insurance profile information, license plates, and the information of any responding law enforcement officers. These details will assist policyholders later on.

take pictures at car accident

Take Pictures

One way to help plead your case later is obtaining clear documented damage. Even just a few quick pictures taken with your cell phone can mean a world of difference.

If you wind up having to go to court over the accident, these photos will help there as well. They can get used as evidence to support your case, as well as help juries,  see what happened.


File Claims Quickly

The longer that you wait, the more challenging it becomes for the claims adjuster to get an accurate inspection of your damages. That is especially true if you must wait until after repairs get made.